Disclaimer Information Guide

Descry and Gideb Services comply with the Medical Act and other related regulations by not taking any part in the contents and availability of medical consultations of general members, and the selection of hospitals and consulting institutions. We do not bear any legal responsibility for the medical services and consultations provided to general members by each hospital/clinic and counseling institution. In addition, we only provide communication and online information systems between members, and is not a party to mail-order sales. All medical consultations and medical services are directly performed by each hospital/clinic and counseling institution, and all hospitals/clinics and counseling institutions independently provide medical counseling and medical services.

All psychological counseling and treatment results may vary depending on the patient’s condition, and when visiting a hospital or psychological counseling institution, please be informed of the relevant information before deciding whether to receive treatment or not.

Gideb Confidentiality Oath

At (Insert Company Name), we are unwavering in our mission to create a safe space for our clients to heal and grow. To this end, it is our topmost priority to ensure clients’ peace of mind that their privacy is treated with the utmost caution and respect. As health professionals and active partners in our clients’ journey towards achieving a healthier, manageable lifestyle, we are acutely aware that our clients place deep trust in us to keep their information and the intimate contents of their sessions absolutely confidential. Our institution vows that this trust will always be met with the highest level of respect and accountability. Given the rising concerns about confidentiality, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to keep our clients’ private information safe. In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, our clinic and each of the health providers under our care are solemnly bound to keep our clients’ personal record absolutely confidential. Beyond this, privacy protection is an issue all of us at (Insert Company Name) regard with paramount importance, and hence we would like to re-emphasize our commitment to upkeep this promise by vowing the following:

  • We will not share any identifying information about my client with their friends, family, employer, or community, including name, address, or phone number.
  • We will not tell anyone else any information the client chooses to share with me during sessions without explicit permission from the client themselves. 
  • We will not disclose any information the client shares to us about other people, including family, friends, co-workers, etc. to any third party.
  • We will not disclose the fact that the client is attending the organization to any third party.
  • We will not share any information regarding clients’ medical health history, health diagnoses, medications, etc. to any third party.
  • We will not share any notes or records of a client's visits or information that the client confides in me as they are kept confidential and are not shared without the client’s permission.
  • We will comply with all government regulated privacy laws and will consistently work to create the best environment for all clients through quality assurance.

We hope that for both our existing clients and for individuals interested in the services our organization provides, our steadfastness and unrelenting commitment to security and client privacy will always be a steady pillar of assurance. As we continue to strengthen and build new professional relationships with clients, we hope that our pledge of confidentiality will assure peace-of-mind as our clients strive towards becoming healthier, more resilient individuals.